If you have come here through some Google, Bing or Duck Duck Go link Welcome. I doubt you have come here through the Pay Per click (PPC) channel - cos I simply do not have the money to pay the big daddies of the internet.  Anyways, whatever be the mode of your arrival, welcome to my site. 

This is a personal website. Here you will find an eclectic mix article and stuff which may or may not be useful to you. Let me take the trouble to introduce myself. I am working in academia for the past 18 years and over the years have gone jaded with teaching young minds. But sometimes, just sometimes, when a student comes up to me and says that "you changed my life", i feel rewarded.  I guess this is the same for many of us in academics. Over the years I have seen academics change. For better or for worse I cannot say but changes have been there.

For example, consider academic research output. When I started off people talked about getting a paper published. Now a days, people talk about getting a paper published in top of the line research journals. Institutes expect us to provide a certain number of research articles every year. As if, research can be done just by sitting on a chair and having access to numerous sources. Another change is from the student's perspective. When we joined academics it was with the zeal to learn; but today people look at return on investment. Sometimes I wonder, whether that actually understand the meaning of academics. Or will academics stop working after a few years. The growing influence of YouTube, MOOCS and other learning platforms are taking the fun out of teaching and interacting with the students. Now the interactions are with PowerPoint presentations. I guess, I still have a few more years in academics left and I will be seeing more changes.

Besides Academics, I love to find out new things. What new things? The answer is anything. Consider this site for example. One day while surfing the internet I came across Joomla CMS. Somehow I got a bee in my bonnet and I decided to start a website of my own using Joomla. Now this throws up a lot of interesting questions. Why Joomla and why a website? To answer the last question first. I was getting jaded trying to keep on posting on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and what not. The cool facebook of 2010's had turned into another video site and you hardly got to see what your friends were doing. Twitter has become a hate tool. Anything you write, anything you do has to be criticised. Other social media sites are just too innane. So I decided to start a website - where I control what I write and when I write. And this is the result. 

I hope that you will enjoy your visit on the site.

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